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Tragedy stories in the village that everyone is afraid of... winning the lottery
Tragedy stories in the village that everyone is afraid of... winning the lottery
Nhut Tao market (in Hamlet 1, An Nhut Tan Commune, Tan Tru District, Long An) is less than 500m long, but in the past 15 years, nearly 20 people have won the lottery.

Mr. Pham Hoang Trang, deputy manager of the relic site said: "There are no superstitious activities in the temple." soi cầu kubet Others fail in business, default on debt; family, wife and children separated. From here, the rumors of "three stars seven copies" were further replicated, making the whole countryside suddenly… afraid of being "lucky".

About Nhut Tao market, there are many thrilling stories about people here constantly winning the lottery, surprising people from far away. Accordingly, families are constantly knocked on the door by the god of wealth, and every time they spend all their money, they will win the lottery. There are cases, several times when he won the jackpot, last year the husband won, the next year it was the wife's turn. dự đoán xổ số miền trung People in the market said that on average, one household won the lottery every house. Therefore, it is said that this rural market is the richest in Long An, thanks to lottery tickets. 

Not long ago, on March 15, 2014, in Hamlet 1, Nhut Tan Commune (Tan Tru District, Long An) there were two more lucky people who were knocked on the door by the god of fortune. It was the family of Mr. Tan Loc and Nguyen Van Lam, which made the public stir more. In the past year, An Nhut Tan commune has had 6 lottery winners, of which 3 won the jackpot. The fact that the two people mentioned above won the lottery was also a coincidence. Ms. Be, a native of Ben Tre, has been selling lotteries at the intersection of Nhut Tao market for more than 10 years. That day, with nearly 30 minutes left until the winning lottery, she still lost 6 tickets. It was late in the afternoon, but it was still as hot as a fire, and the sweat drenched the old woman's shirt. Standing forever at the junction, no one bought, so Mrs. Be went down to Vam Co Dong wharf to greet guests crossing the river. That day, by chance, Mr. Tan Loc and Mr. Lam went to the beginning of the turn when they both fell onto the road. At that moment, Mrs. Be came out to invite the two guests, whose face was contorted with pain. soi cầu miền nam Mr. Tan Loc fell in love and bought two tickets, while Mr. Lam took the remaining 4 tickets. After buying, Mr. Lam also said: "I am black all day today, buy a lottery ticket to see if my life is lucky". Unexpectedly, that day, Mr. Loc, won a jackpot and a consolation note of 1.6 billion VND. And Mr. Lam won 4 consolation tickets and got 400 million VND.
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